Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have you ever tried to get three 1-year-olds to smile and look like they're having fun all at once? Well, in my experience, it's been nearly impossible. All I want is one, just one, good picture for a holiday card. I tried them by themselves... and then all together. Granted, the first time it was snowing, and my little guy Attie screamed the whole time. (I think the snow scared him!) And my other two were fine... although they had their serious faces on the whole time. Just check out examples, a, b and c.

So, if you get a "Happy Holiday" card with two serious faces and one screaming one... you'll know it's from us.

In the meantime, how much does life suck when you have triplets and your fairly new washing machine decides to shit the bed? Actually, that's a rhetorical question. Of course life sucks, and what makes it even worse, is that my usually understanding husband can't seem to grasp the idea of why I am so PISSED off. Don't sweat the small stuff he says... Really?! It's not small stuff when you have three babies who go through several outfits, bibs, pjs, towels, face cloths and an occasional sheet a day. Ahhhh, you've gotta love men. So clueless sometimes. (By the way, don't buy a Whirlpool!)

On a positive note, Thanksgiving was really fun (and exhausting). The triplets were like little celebs being toted from house to house -- and when they weren't on the road  making appearances,  people were flocking to Ken's parents house to meet them. They were so good too. They never minded being picked up, hugged and kissed by strangers, and the best part, they always reached for Ken and I afterward. They really were pretty great. Just one of the things I am so thankful for this holiday season -- the amazing transition they've made.

I'm also incredibly thankful for....
Finally being a mom to not one, not two, but three amazing kiddos.
My amazing husband.
My loving and supportive family and friends.
And I'm especially thankful for their birth family. Without the selflessness and love of their birth mother -- who made a plan for them the moment they were born -- not only wouldn't they be here with us, they might not be alive.

She made that plan on the day they were born...  and I am so grateful and honored we were chosen to be apart of it.


  1. Each one still looks so cute. Had to laugh at the pic of Attie. This made me tear up. The trio are so blessed to have you and ken! Can't wait to see them again - and you too...


    1. I think Attie is a warm weather kind of guy! Will hopefully see you guys this month - xoxo

  2. Love the pics. Don't want to make you worry, but my kids are 11, 8, 5 and 1, and I still can't get a decent pic. The more kids you have, the more chance for error. Still trying...

    Sorry about the washer. That does suck.

  3. Umm, no, I have never tried that... and I don't think I will! ;) I can only imagine it is like herding cats.

    So sorry about your washer - UGH.

    That's so great that they did so well at Thanksgiving. I think K was pretty overwhelmed with the two families we had come to our house, and then we had a similar sized group of visitors the next day. She definitely wants us, which is great, but wants nothing to do with being held by others (which is fine at this point).

  4. I love that your screaming boy and your daughter look very much like one of my twins and your other boy looks like my other twin! I just think it is so amazing and they are all 5 the same age!

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