Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Big Guy… Emerson.

For three little people -- who've spent every waking hour together since they were in the womb in Ethiopia -- it’s amazing to me how absolutely different each one of their personalities are.

Let’s start with my oldest (by a few minutes) … my sweet, cuddly guy – Emerson.

He loves to bat his long eyelashes (such a flirt) and give a sneaky smile, which up until a few weeks ago, was mostly pink gums. He finally has his two top teeth coming in.

He loves to eat, but he takes his time to savor it, unlike his brother and sister. He adores sweet potatoes, bananas and yogurt. A real little foodie. It’s the same story with his “ba ba.” After he’s finished with his milk, he literally cuddles with that bottle in his crib.

He doesn’t know how strong he is yet, compared to his smaller and more wiry brother Attie, who takes him down with a mere hair pull (they love to pull each other’s hair – a habit we’re trying to curb by the way!)

I thought it would be Nola Grace, but big Em has figure out how to pull himself up to stand without any assistance. He loves to stand in his crib and look out the window… and it’s the best… because he’s so proud of himself. You can tell when he flashes that big, not-so-toothy smile.

He’s more mellow than his brother and sister, although he loves to belt out an ear-piercing scream every now and again.

He’s a cuddle-bug. Not with just us, but with stuffed animals too, including his sisters little Cabbage Patch doll.

Speaking if his sister, they play so well together. They make each other giggle all the time. They play footsies in the car, and on occasion, I look back and see their little fingers intertwined.

He loves to be tickled, but hates his face being washed after he eats, and he especially hates when I try to eradicate his boogers. You would think he was being tortured.

He loves to say “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” (in honor of his name I am guessing) when he’s excited.

And I’m betting he’ll be the first one to walk – a real example for his younger brother and sister.

As they get older, I am also betting that he’ll be the one to play the role of “big brother” – meaning a great protector– someone who will always watch out for them.

It's so amazing to see... that even at this young age... he has such a kind and sweet soul.

He’s my big Em… and I am so very lucky to call him my son.