Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Note From My Husband on Father's Day

Ahh- at the wheel at last. Greetings & Salutation, fellow Karlie Bloggers and the internet masses. Karlie has given me the reigns for one day on her blog. Please beware you have been warned for those of you who want to continue to read. I am sure she is hoping for some truly mindful insights that I might be able to espouse, but I think that bar might be a bit too high for this fat headed Canadian French guy.                    

All kidding aside as we approach our first father’s day here in Warwick.  A day that up until last year, I never thought would happen. Yeah, yeah we went through the motions of trying and other multiple paths to having a family, but internally I had crossed it off the list. The only thing I was getting good at over the last few years was masturbating in doctor closets (a story for another time) and playing PiƱata with Karlie’s poor butt with needles. Let’s all be honest here in blog land, when you keep betting on black and the big guy keeps throwing you red, sooner or later you need to move on.   As we all know, we got lucky and the next roll he gave us three in one shot.  Who says God does not have a sense of humor.

This brings us back now to the present where I have three amazing bambinos and a superstar of a wife/partner.   We sit here on the cusp of another Father’s Day. A Day of long rides back home( for some of us), Bad Barbecues, Unusual Tie gifts and always one family member trying to peddle a birthday card for Dad because CVS sold out of real Father’s day card that morning ( you know who you are) . Here we are fellow reader, on the day I become a proud participant of the Father’s day clan tradition.  How will I embrace the holiday? With closet ready for bad ties and handmade ash trays or maybe a handful of Zantac for bad father’s day meals…Hmmm. No, I have decided to make it a personal thanksgiving day. No not that type of thanksgiving with the big Macy’s day parade and enough turkey to feed ten towns. A day for me to personally call and thank all of the amazing people who have gotten me to this point in my life. Okay you knew there was going to be a little sap in this. It is my first Father's

I am extremely lucky person, with almost everything in my life. I am not saying I do not work hard to keep that luck rolling but I have had some good luck come my way.  I am also graced to come from a long stock of great dads. While some of my ilk maybe be light on words to express their feeling, their actions around what it means to be a Dad were demonstrated every day in my life. No cliff notes needed , just Dad deeds ( like working two jobs to provide income for the family or listening to hair brained ideas that other people would have locked you up about) done every day for over 40 years.  It raised the bar for me on “Dadhood”, but gave me a strong base to build on. Again I am lucky to have the AAA of Dad’s. If you look him up in the dictionary or phone book there he is first on the page, Marcel Man of the Month, Father of the year for the last 40 years.  An impressive track record for a man with a weird laugh, terrible dance moves and a beard, but trust me he does the hard work that goes into it...

This in no way takes away from my Mother who like salt and pepper made perfect bookend parents. I Again I hit the jackpot  with a woman that can shoot you guilt through her eye lids , but remembers to call you and tell you how much she loves you when it seems like the world is taking a shit on you. For that matter I stuck gold with my sisters and the rest of my clan, we all have some weirdness but in general they are all amazing people and I am fortunate to have been raised by them.  They have all showed me what it is to be a great person and a great dad. I owe them all.

How could I forget my amazing wife and owner of this blog. If there has been a person who has shaped me almost as much as my family it would be my wife. She is my rock. Plus any woman that lets you  stick needle in her, travels half way around the world listening to your stupid jokes, and does not kill you has to win some type of award.

Last I promise, thank you  is to my children. It is hard for me to write this without getting slightly emotional.  There is a true joy that I never knew existed that comes when my kids smile and laugh with me.  I am often told we saved our children by people when we are out, but I always tell them the truth they saved me.  Thank you Atticus, Nola Grace and Emerson for letting me be your dad.

Thanks and Happy Father’s day.