Thursday, February 21, 2013

My sweet pea… Nola Grace.

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged – or to be more specific – since I had the time and energy to sit down in front of my computer and write down my thoughts.

Last time, I wrote about Emerson (my big guy). Now it’s time to talk about my little girl – Nola Grace.
She is something. Independent. Determined. Girly, but tough. Snuggly, but she doesn’t necessarily need to be attached to your hip 24/7 (although she is like a little barnacle after waking up).

She’s cautious. If she doesn’t know you – don’t expect her to flash you a smile or slap you high-five. You’ve gotta earn that right. She has to trust you. Once that happens, and only then, maybe she’ll show you a few of her big, brilliant teeth. (I’m not exaggerating. All three of my kiddos have the biggest baby teeth I’ve ever seen!)

As my almost 4-year-old niece likes to say, “She’s got serious eyes.”

They are a gorgeous deep, dark brown. And when she looks at you, it’s almost like she’s an old soul. I’m guessing that’s because my little peanut has already been through so much in her short life. In her first 12-months, she has already mourned the loss of her birth family, and on some level, I am sure all my kiddos still are --- and in some ways --- always will. How could they not. It’s one of the deepest human connections one could have.

Also, in her first year, she was moved from two orphanages (along with her brothers) before finally making it to our agency’s house, where they all spent four months before coming home with us. I can’t imagine what all that moving around is like for someone my age – never mind their age. I am so grateful Attie, Em and Nola Grace have had each other throughout this entire process. I look at them and can’t imagine them ever being apart.

But with all that seriousness comes a sweet, giggly and lovable peach. I absolutely love when her nose scrunches up when she laughs. It’s the best. I love when she reaches for me with her chubby little arms. I love how excited she gets when we open their bedroom door in the morning (Lots of smiling and nose scrunching) – and I love how she can hold her own with her two brothers (who are usually pouncing on her) and put them in their place. I also love her determination. If she wants something – she will find a way to get it – even if it’s way out of her reach or hidden away. She’s crafty like that.

She’s a daddy’s girl. She loves to sit on Ken’s lap while he reads to her. He makes her laugh all the time with his antics – and every time she says the word “Daddy” – I know his heart melts just a little bit. (Because of that, she will probably get away with a lot!)

That's actually The Olives Table cookbook. Hopefully she likes cooking as much as we do.

She plays so well with her brother Emerson (Sassy Attie is another story) – and when it’s time to eat – if she doesn’t like what you’re feeding her…. watch out for the “divaness.”  She has that look down pat. Oh, and did I mention she loves to drink her bottle one-handed like a drunken sailor while hanging on with the other hand from the baby gate. It's priceless.

She’s getting so tall, so smart and so strong – and is on the verge of walking on her own. God help me when they are all running around!

It’s hard to believe Nola Grace and her brothers have only been home with us for a little over four months… because in my heart, it feels like the three of them have been here all along.


  1. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes...what a beautiful blog! We can't wait to meet them!!! We love you xo

  2. Just give up now. This girl is going to have her daddy on a string. You will have no say. And, given those gorgeous eyes, you might not be able to say no anyway!

  3. Love this. Karlie, you are an amazing writer. Nola Grace is beautiful.
    Love ya,

  4. Sweet story Karlie, about one beautiful daughter.
    Waiting patiently to see the three again
    Love to all, Carol & Ron

  5. Ah, I love all of this about your sweet Nola Grace! What an amazing, beautiful, personality-filled little girl. And that last photo of the three in the tub is absolutely priceless!

  6. Oh, Karlie! They have all changed so much since we knew them in July. Beautiful, beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing--Elaine

  7. Really enjoyed this post. I'm a triplet mom too and I was looking forward to your next update although I can completely relate to lacking spare time for such things. You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much! Update coming this week. As you know, with triplets, it's hard to find spare time!!!

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