Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Profile...

I have been completely delinquent with my blog these past few weeks - but I must say it has been for good reason. 

1. I've been distracted by the summer weather (who hasn't) 
2. Ken and I have been entrenched in hiring a lawyer for domestic adoption (we are keeping our options open) 
3. I've obsessed, re-written, re-formatted and spent hours upon hours putting together what we like to call the "book of our lives," which translates to a profile that is shown to prospective birth mothers.
4. And of course... there's work too.

Now, let's talk about this "profile" for a moment shall we. Our lawyer told us to spend an hour (yes, just 1 hour) writing up an outline of how we met, our relationship, how long we've been married, our childhood, our family, our friends, our house, how we see ourselves as parents etc etc.

Really, an hour.... Please people! In reality it turned out to be like 20 hours and 22 pages long (including pictures). Thank god I had my friend Linda (along with some vino) to help me through it. I was so exhausted at the end of the process that I looked it over and I thought "Would I like these people? Would I want them to be the parents of my unborn child."

With that said, I still stuck that document in a FedEx envelope and overnighted it to a lawyer in Tennessee who was meeting with a prospective birth mother the next day. (By the way $90 bucks to overnight that thing! As my friend at work said - I could have filled up my Mini twice and gotten that document there in the same amount of time.)

A few hours after the meeting took place, our lawyer called and said it had gone well, that the women had pure intentions and was serious about placing her child for adoption. 

That was 7 days ago and we still haven't heard anything - but that's OK with me - because in the beginning I told myself that I wasn't going to invest a lot in this meeting. I was just going to look at it as an opportunity that could possibly turn into something else. So that's where we are. 

Still on the waiting list for Ethiopia and at the same time pursuing domestic. Who knows where this road will end up taking us...


  1. Honored to help craft your life story! And of course anyone "would like these people!" Especially a child in Ethiopia.

  2. Linda's right! Anyone would like these people. Do we ever get to see a copy of this "life story"? Hoping with you, Val