Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some positive news...

After bitching and moaning in my last post – and believe me I could’ve bitched more – I am turning over a new leaf (at least for this week) to report on some positive news.

I just found out today that a fellow blogger and Granite Stater has just received her court date for her 19-month old daughter in Ethiopia! Amazing News. Others have also received court dates, so this definitely gives me hope that things are still moving forward… fingers crossed.

Also today, a friend of mine at work instant messaged me this morning saying this “this is kind of incredible”… which I then replied… “What is incredible!!??”

It turns out this very kind and generous man, who donates his time and energy to raise money through the AIDS Walk in NYC for medical facilities in Africa run by the organization 'Keep a Child Alive'(over $22,000 so far) just received a video message from a woman at Alive Medical Services in Uganda – thanking him for helping her and so many others.  She lost her husband to AIDS and she recently found out she was HIV positive as well.

As he said, he was speechless after watching out. It just goes to show, one person can really make a difference.

In other news this week, Ken and I are still hashing out this dual application issue. Seriously, this has been a thorn in my ass (and Ken’s) for the past few weeks. Well, here’s the update. We are now looking into domestic adoption as well. But, here’s the catch --- how open are we when it comes to open adoption?

How open would you be?


  1. So happy you heard some positive news this week. Good luck with everything and keep the positive thoughts going! Miss you - hope to see you soon. Mimi

  2. Really glad to hear you're looking into domestic adoption too!

  3. My next door neighbor has had a wonderful experience with open adoption. Her son (who was adopted - a closed adoption) fathered a child at age 19. He gave the child up for adoption. Funny that he should do so because he had many, many unresolved issues about his own adoption. My neighbor was crushed thinking she'd never see her first grandchild. She sent a card through the adoption agency to the adoptive parents never expecting a reply. Such is God's love that, she not only got a reply, but the adoptive mom welcomed Carol and John to be a part of their grandchild's life, right from the git-go. It has worked out wonderfully well. Carol and John are an asset to Mary (the adoptive Mom) and an important part of Ryan Christopher's (the child's) life. God, in the meantime, did not stop there. Right around the time that Ryan Christopher started asking about his birthdad and whether he should write him a letter, God worked in Christopher's life (the birthdad) and encouraged him to contact his biological son. The result is that Ryan Christopher knows ALL of his parents, knows he's loved and treasured by all. He calls Christopher "Chris" and relates to him kind of like in a "big brother" sense. Everyone's position is secure and the best part is that Ryan Christopher is very secure in his identity and his worth as a result of this "openness". It's been wonderful for all involved. Well, that's all I have to say for now. We're still praying that God guide you to just the child He has waiting for you! Love, Auntie Pam

  4. My discomfort with varying levels of "opennes" was one of the things that moved me toward Ethiopia in the first place. I know and understand so much more now than I did then, and would be so much more open to openness - even under really tough circumstances. Having met adoptive parents who have significant and substantial relationships with birthmothers, and understanding how HUGE a gift that is to the children (even when the relationships are difficult), it makes me greive the total cut-off from my kids Ethiopian family - even though we send letters and I went back to see them a few months ago, and I know I'll take the girls back to see them many times. I'm much more fond of "openness" that I ever imagined. But, it's easy to say that in a comment and not the same as actually adding such a new dimension to your image of your "family". Not easy stuff. Best wishes in whatever you decide.