Monday, March 14, 2011

Here goes...

I have gone back and forth for a while now about whether I really wanted to blog about my life and my feelings of going through international adoption. At first, it was such a private thing – something that  only my husband and I shared. And I guess I wanted to keep it that way for a while. Before we made this life-changing decision, we trudged down the road of IVF treatments. If you can avoid that road at all costs – I highly recommend it. Not only do the invasive treatments of being poked and prodded by 50 million different doctors suck – but there really is no camaraderie with other woman or couples when you’re going though this exhausting process. Never mind giving yourself shots or having your husband give you shots in the ass every night – which is bad enough – but what’s really the worst thing is that you feel so isolated. Like you have this dirty little secret of being infertile. It’s terrible.

After several tries and ultimate failures, my husband and I looked at each other over a Pimm’s Cup, which are delicious by the way (here’s the recipe from Food & Wine) , that we decided
we’d had enough, and in the end, it made absolutely no difference whether we had a biological child or not  – we just simply wanted to be parents to another little human being. And thus, our journey of international adoption began.  

And I must say the adoption community is so much more welcoming – I mean arms wide open – compared to that dead quiet, head-down crowd in those fertility clinic waiting rooms. I have met so many amazing people through email, Facebook and social events. Everyone is open and ready to share. It’s absolutely wonderful. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to start writing a blog. That… and the fact that I’ve spent the last several months “stalking” other people on their blogs in my free time. So it’s only fair that I should put myself out there as well.

I have no expectations except for the fact that this will hopefully be a cathartic experience as we endure the excruciating wait for a referral and then a court date and then another one.  
So – that’s my first post for now. Be in touch soon.


  1. I love you babe. Good luck - Ken

  2. You and Ken will be amazing parents! Can't wait!! Love you guys

  3. Happy to help in a small way... and looking forward to reading your progress... I hope you an Ken will come to the walk and ,meet the girls from Keep A Child Alive... they might have many insights into Africa children, they go back and forth regularly!

  4. Ki
    Good for you for putting yourself out there. Too bad the fertility process was so isolating. That is a shame. As I mentioned to you, I have a close girlfriend that went through the same and will be sure to share your blog with her. Looking forward to reading more posts. xo to you and Ken!!

  5. Hi guys Thanks for including us in your journey. As we've mentioned before, our Maura has a little Ethiopian boy in her first grade class. The kid is just too much, so clever. Picked up skiing in about two runs. We wish you a swift and happy journey. Deep love and best of luck to you and Ken. And if you need a break, get up here! Your godparents

  6. Congrats on your decision to adopt. Our adopted son Desmond has brought us more joy and love than we ever dreamed possible. I look forward to following your journey.